Volume 8, March 2012

中野理枝 高知県大月町西泊海域から記録された後鰓類 補遺. pp. 1-15, 3pls.

NAKANO, Rie. Opisthobranchs (Mollusca: Gastropoda) from Nishidomari, Otsuki, Kochi Prefecture, Japan. Supplement. pp. 1-15, 3pls.

KUBOTA, Shin. Green fluorescence protein (GFP) firstly detected in an immature medusa of Nausithoe sp. from Japan. pp. 17-18, 1pl.

久保田信 黒潮生物研究所付近の有クラゲ類(その1). pp. 19-22, 1pl.

KUBOTA, Shin. Medusozoa collected from around the Biological Institute on Kuroshio (No. 1). pp. 19-22, 1pl.

目﨑拓真 高知県大月町尻貝初分布記録の耳状放射サンゴ個体のミドリイシ属の一種. pp. 23-26, 1pl.

MEZAKI, Takuma. First record of distribution of Acropora sp. with cochleariform radial corallites from Shirigai, Otsuki, Kochi Prefecture, Japan. pp. 23-26, 1pl.

今原幸光 大阪湾で発見されたコマイハナゴケと日本産ハナゴケ属の再検討. pp. 27-37, 2pls.

IMAHARA, Yukimitsu. Cervera komaii from Osaka Bay with a brief revision on the Japanese primitive stoloniferan genus Cervera (Alcyonacea, Octocorallia). pp. 27-37, 2pls.