Dry laboratory

Researcher visiting our institute an use dry laboratory to conducting routine research inside a spacious and well-lit room with all modern facilities.

Facilities in the dry laboratory includes;
In-house wired / optical Internet connection by wireless LAN etc.)
Basic office equipments- color copy / printer computer (Windows 8)
Microscopes- Optical microscope with differential interference condenser, stereomicroscope, simple scanning electron microscope
Camera and camera equipments- digital single-lens reflex camera, digital compact camera, underwater housing for digital compact camera, high-definition video camera, high-definition video Underwater housing for camera

Wet laboratory

Wet laboratory at our institute is spacious with working tables at the center and water sinks at the side with both fresh and seawater supply

Facilities in the wet laboratory includes;
Various experimental glassware, microscopes, electric furnaces, constant temperature driers, large freezers, etc..
Researcher can also perform dissections and processing of various specimens, water quality measurement, and other experiments.
We provide (not exhaustive), continuous supply of seawater, cold and hot fresh water, distilled and Milli Q water, laboratory bench, stereomicroscope, freezer / refrigerator (-20 ºC, 5 ºC), frozen storage (-20 ºC), dimming control incubator, autoclave, thermostatic dryer, small size electric furnace, electronic balance, small centrifuge (basic), small centrifuge (temperature controlled), trans-illuminator, thermostat, electrophoresis apparatus, magnetic stirrer, polaroid camera for gel imaging, glassware, dark room etc.. 

Live animal room with solarium

We have a live animal keeping and breeding area. Researcher can keep sampled organisms in tanks for observation and other use.
With a total seawater volume of around 3 ton, the solarium can be used to keep and observe organisms that require sunlight (e.g. corals and seaweed), can be bred in close to natural conditions.
The breeding room is always open to the general public as a space where anyone can visit freely.
Facilities at live animal room include;
Experimental tanks of different size, breeding tanks, air pumps, magnet pumps, submersible pumps, seawater intake facilities, automatic blinking artificial lighting facilities, etc.. 

Accommodation and living facilities for visiting researcher

Researcher visiting our institute and intend to stay for short and long period can avail fully equipped rooms with following facilities;
Living facility has wireless internet access
We offer visiting researcher different style rooms- Japanese-style room (with tatami floor), Western-style room (single bed private rooms), bunk-bed rooms (4 people/room). All rooms are well-lit with ample natural sunlight
Living area has a large kitchen (with all necessary cooking utensils and dishes), a dining hall, refrigerator, coffee machine etc..
Shower area with washing machine, drying area.

Lecture room

Lecture room at our institute can accommodate approximately 60 people. It is large and well-lit (natural sunlight during the day). It is a versatile space for small research presentations and lectures. It is equipped with a variety of audiovisual equipment and broadcast equipment such as slide projectors, video projectors, and OHPs.

Research vessel “Lemon peel”

 Research vessel of our institute is FRP outboard ship “Lemon peel”. It can be utilized for research dives and field surveys
*The ship in the photo is our new acquisition and is scheduled to arrive at our institute in August 2019!

Workshop facility (currently under renewal!)

Our institute provides a well-equipped workshop to researchers. It is equipped with various tools, which can be used to design any material or experimental tanks using wood, plastic, metal as well as cement.
Some of the tools we provide are (not exhaustive)- Different kinds of power tools, electric welders, hot jets, air tools, workbenches, etc..

We welcome foreign researchers to visit our institute and make use of excellent research facilities we provide to conduct marine research.

For details, please refer to “About the use of the research institute“.