Request for donation to the Kuroshio Biological Research Foundation

As a necessary fund for research and research, environmental protection, public works such as spread enlightenment, and administration management of the foundation, we raise general contributions in the following way. Thank you for your support and cooperation. We also accept donations (specified donations) that are designated to be used for specific purposes. If you would like to request this, please let us know.

Specifically, please look at handling rules such as donations. In addition, if you have any inquiries about donations, please contact us at any rate.

General Donation More than half of the donation amount will be spent on utilities and the rest will be spent on corporate management

Recruitment period Any time
Target Individuals, groups, corporations that can support the activities of the Foundation
Amount of money The amount is free.
Use of donation The donations received will be transferred to the Foundation’s general account, and half or more of the donation will be used to carry out the public works conducted by the Foundation, and the remainder will be used to run the Foundation. You can also make specific donations, especially if you wish to make a limited contribution. In that case, please contact us in advance as we would like to discuss the content.

Person who wants contribution by cash
Application form (PDF) is downloaded, necessary items are filled in, and mail, fax (0880-62-7078), or e-mail (, etc. to the following reference (The Kuroshio Biological Research Institute) Please send to). We would appreciate if you could transfer the donation to the account described in the donation application form or bring it to the research institute.
Donations by Credit CardIn the section below donations can be made by the following credit cards:

Please make sure to submit your e-mail address.
Contact information
Zip 788-0333 No. 560 Nishidomari, Otsuki-cho, Hata-gun, Kochi Prefecture I Kuroshio Biological Research Foundation 
TEL: 0880-62-7077 FAX: 088062-7078 (in charge: Mezaki)

Donations by Credit Card

The following credit cards can be used:

  • Donations of at least ¥1,000 and up to ¥1,000,000 can be made.
  • Please make sure to submit your e-mail address.
  • Credit card transactions are processed by

Donation to the Kuroshio Research Institute