Revised 2013.01.16

The Kuroshio Biological Research Institute accepts users for the purpose of surveys, research, practical training, lectures, meetings, etc. conducted by persons other than Foundation officers and employees.

Kuroshio Biology Research Institute Accommodation

Admission fee 500 yen / person For stays of more than one month, monthly
Non-private room (student) 500 yen / person night Graduate student or less
Non-private room (general) 1000 yen / person night Working people (including postdoctoral fellows and university teachers)
Accommodation private room1000 yen / person night Two private rooms

Accommodation facility

10 tatami Japanese-style room, 12 tatami-style Japanese-style room, 4 bedrooms, private room x 2 rooms kitchen, dining room, toilet, washroom, shower room, bathroom, washing machine, wireless LAN, and a laundry balcony

Kuroshio Biological Research Institute Research Facility

With or without accommodation 500 yen / person day Basically, all facilities of the laboratory can be used (except for ships and electron microscopes)

There is a separate provision for the use of the lecture room only for the purpose of practical training, lectures, meetings, etc.

Please see the rules of use for details

Application method and application period of use

First of all, please confirm the usage rules, and let us know the number of people, desired date, etc by email or phone. Fill in the required form on the form you wish to use, and send it by e-mail attachment, fax or mail to the Kuroshio Biological Research Institute after confirming that it is possible to use it according to your schedule. The application period is from 6 months before the use date to 1 week before the application date. In addition, we may request use date, change of the number of people, etc. due to the capacity of the people.

Request form for using Kuroshio Research Institute Lecture Room