Volume 4, March 2008

Ono S., Reimer J.D. and Tsukahara J. Ecological survey of zooxanthellate zoanthid diversity (Hexacorallia: Zoantharia) from Kagoshima, Japan. pp.1-16.

田中幸記  高知県大月町沿岸におけるカジメの移植実験.pp.17-24, 1pl.
Tanaka K. Transplant experiment of the brown alga Echlonia cava on the coast of Otsuki, Kochi Prefecture, Japan.(in Japanese with English abstract) pp.17-24, 1pl.

久保田信  タツノオトシゴ類(ヨウジウオ目、タツノオトシゴ亜科)とヒドロ虫類の共生の日本初記録.pp.25-28, 2pls.
Kubota Sh. First record of symbiotic association between hydroids and seahorses (Syngnathiformes, Hippocampinae) in Japan.(in Japanese with English abstract) pp.25-28, 2pls

久保田信  高知県でのベニクラゲ(ヒドロ虫綱、花クラゲ目)の初出現と球体の口柄に接続してポリプへ若返った第2記録.pp.29-32, 1pl.
Kubota Sh. First occurrence of Turritopsis medusae (Hydrozoa, Anthomedusae) in Kochi Prefecture, with the second record of reversion of such a medusa to a polyp connected to the old body’s manubrium.(in Japanese with English abstract) pp.29-32, 1pl.

久保田信  クラゲからポリプへ若返ったベニクラゲ(ヒドロ虫綱、花クラゲ目)の退化と再成長の稀少例.pp.33-35, 1pl.
Kubota Sh. A rare case of degeneration and re-growth in a polyp reverted from a Turritopsis medusa (Hydrozoa, Anthomedusae).(in Japanese with English abstract) pp.33-35, 1pl.