CURRENT: quartaly issued magazine (in Japanese)

This magazine is published quartaly on January, April, July, October to inform the public of our daily activities. The magazine treats a wide-range of topics from findings of sicentific researchs to introduction of local organisms and happnings around BIK.

Kuroshio Biosphere - the Bulletin of the Biological Institute on Kuroshio -
annually issued journal (in Japanese and English)

This journal is published annualy (in March) sending approximately 200 research organizations including universities, museums, and research institutes in Japan and abroad as a means of exchanging and informing the research activities of BIK to the institutions and individuals around the world..

The journal treats scientific papers related to life and environment in the region influenced by the Kuroshio Current, regardless of land or sea areas. Submission of papers from the outside BIK is welcomed. Please contact us for the submission rules of this journal.

Titles of papers on back-numbers are available here. You can download the pdf articles.

Please contact us for any inquiries about our publications (e.g., subscription and back-numbers).