1. Assisting environmental education at local schools and organizations.
2. Organizing a summer school for 4th to 6th year students of local elementary schools every year.
3. Sending information through BIK publications; a quarterly magazine 'Current' and an annual scientific journal 'Kuroshio Biosphere').


1. Scleractinian corals
(1) Restoration techniques using coral seedlings produced by sexual reproduction.

(2) Reproduction and recruitment processes.

(3) Status of scleractinian coral assemblages in the Shikoku region.
(4) Status of corallivorous snails and crown-of-thorns starfish in the Shikoku region.

2.Sea turtles
Gastric contentes of green sea turtles in stranding indivisuals.

3. Algae
(1) Seasonal dynamics of algal assemblages.
(2) Species Diversity and distribution of algae in Hata district, Kochi, southwestern Japan.


1. Monitoring site 1000 project (by Ministry of the Environment).
2. Nature restoration projects inTatsukushi bay, Kochi prefecture and Takegashima marine park, Tokushima prefecture (by Ministry of the Environment).